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Interested in becoming a sponsor or partnering with Freetown Lakeville Soccer Club?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us, we are always looking to establish partnerships with local businesses that would benefit both our members and local groups.
We are a community-based soccer club with over 1,000 active members. It is not widely known but the club is completely self-funded and incurs over $100,000 in expenses each year. The Freetown Lakeville Soccer Club is not only responsible for paying the town of Lakeville for usage of our fields but are also required to pay for all field and equipment maintenance including sprinkler systems, goals and even the fence that surrounds the field. However, as a non-profit organization our most important goal is to put as much money back into activities that benefit the youth of our community. Activities like camps, clinics, practices, and professional development for our coaches and referees.

If you would like to support the league, the sponsorship fees are categorized below. Discounts are offered for sponsoring multiple teams. Details are listed below outlining the benefits that you will receive in return for your contribution. We do have a banner sponsorship that is available that would be in full view of every person visiting Ted Williams Camp Soccer Fields.

On an individual basis, we also are interested in patron donations. If you are able to provide a contribution we would appreciate your support. You will have the choice to remain anonymous or to have your name published on our website. All contributions are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Opportunities
“Team Sponsor” Sponsorship $700.00
• Sponsors name on our website with a link to your website
• Sponsors name imprinted on back of shirts of an entire youth soccer team [12-18 players]
• Attractive and a Personalized engraved “ThankYou” plaque with the teams’ photo

“Banner-on-Fence” Sponsorship $400.00 (Sponsorship renewal $300.00, provided same banner is usable)
• Sponsors name on our website with a link to your website
• A 3’x5’ full color vinyl banner hung at Ted Williams Camp

We thank you in advance on behalf of the athletes you are sponsoring and our club as a whole, your generosity and support of Freetown Lakeville United soccer club.

Become a sponsor now, download our sponsor form. Remember your sponsorship is tax deductible, if you have any questions please email us [email protected]